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Makeo toothsi invisible aligners price :Details & Review

Can Toothsi Smile Aligners permanently cover the gap between teeth? 

It's important to note that the success of invisible braces in closing gaps depends on the amount of space to be closed and the reason for the gap. More complex cases may require additional dental treatments, such as frenectomy, composite bonding, dental veneers, or other orthodontic procedures.

Our dentist at Facets will assess your specific case, evaluate the size of the gap and condition of the gap, and provide you with appropriate treatment options and recommendations specifically made for your needs.

You will also be required to wear appliances called “Retainers” for retention of teeth in the correct position as directed by your dentist. Sometimes, you might have to get “permanent retainers” that are bonded to the back of the upper & lower front teeth to hold the teeth in place permanently in the correct position.

Is EMI available for Toothsi Invisible Aligners?

With Toothsi invisible braces you get to purchase a beautiful smile at affordable rates!

Toothsi Easy- EMI starting from ₹ 3,394 (24 monthly installments) overall: ₹ 74,999

Toothsi Prime- EMI starting from ₹ 3,715 (24 monthly installments) overall: ₹ 88,999

The above mentioned payment plans for Toothsi Teeth Aligners are just an approximation & can vary from person to person depending on each person’s individual requirements.

For clearbite aligners detail review do visit -

What commonly do our patients say after using Toothsi Invisible Aligners? 

Toothsi Invisible Aligners are the only Smile Aligner brand in India that offers a "Direct to Home" feature. 

This truly makes them special for patients who don't have the time or always have a busy schedule.

The “Direct to Home” feature enables patients to easily receive their invisible braces directly at their doorstep without visiting the dentist multiple times.

This saves the patients time & effort.

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With Toothsi Invisible Aligners, patients have to take the responsibility of managing their treatment by themselves at home. This is especially comfortable for patients who like to take control of their treatment & follow instructions independently. 

The "Direct to Home'' feature is very convenient for patients, but even then one should have routine consultations and check-ins with a qualified dentist. It is of utmost importance to ensure the treatment progresses as planned and the dentist will be able to help the patient with other concerns that arise during or after the treatment.

Toothsi invisible Smile Aligner price in Kochi, Kerala

Toothsi Invisible aligner treatment starts at around ₹69,999 and can go up to ₹1,50,000 or more, depending on the complexity of your case and the duration of treatment.

Toothsi offers various treatment plans for specific orthodontic needs such as:

1. Toothsi Easy Plan: 

Get Faster results in a short span of time for mild & simple tooth corrections!

2.Toothsi Prime Plan:

 For moderate to complex tooth alignment problems. 

Why should you choose Facets for Toothsi Invisible aligners & not others? 

Here are some reasons why you should opt for smile aligners with Us:

  1. Expert Dentists: 

Our team comprises the best dentists and orthodontists, who have the necessary knowledge and expertise to assess your orthodontic needs & create an individual treatment plan. They also monitor you from start to finish & work with you in providing you a beautiful smile.

  1. Comprehensive Evaluation:

We always address underlying dental problems or conditions that can hinder your alignment treatment. A complete comprehensive examination of your mouth is a must at Facets Dental, before starting any smile aligner or orthodontic treatment! Addressing problems such as dental cavities, gum problems can help with better treatment results!

  1. Professional Oversight:

 A professional oversight by our dentist is always beneficial in completing your treatment with the best results! Our dentists will monitor your entire treatment & make necessary adjustments when required for optimal results. 

  1. Follow-up Care: 

At Facets we provide the best after-care & post-treatment evaluations after using invisible aligners to ensure you have a long-lasting result! We offer guidance on how to maintain your results for a long time with the help of appliances called retainers!

What is the lowest price of Toothsi teeth aligners?

The Toothsi invisible braces price varies according to the complexity of the dental condition.

For Simple Corrections-

Toothsi Easy- one time price ₹ 69,999

For Complex Corrections-

Toothsi Prime- one time price ₹ 79,999

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