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Thank you for a great experience!!

From my very first visit at office, I was made to feel welcome and comfortable by friendly behaviour of the staff and pleasant environment of the office. Most surprising fact is, the office was not crowded. Dr. Seby explained me in detail pros and cons of the treatment that I need to undertake. He corrected my bite. I have been to many dentists before, no one cared me like Dr. Seby and team do. I have got beautiful front crowns done. They look so natural and I can't stop smiling. Facets is extremely reasonable with price. Another lady doctor has cleaned my teeth, which includes tooth scaling and polishing. She was also very good. I asked my husband to get his teeth cleaned there and he got another polite and smart doctor. My husband is also happy with his work. I have one request, please upload your team's photo also in 'About us' section. I found Dr. Seby very professional and truly caring about your oral health. Thank you for a great experience!!!

Dr Ash

Great treatment, great results
I have had a small gap in between my two front teeth for a very long time and this has always affected my confidence to smile. I always put off having cosmetic dental treatment due to time constraints. I went to Facets Dental clinic simply to get my teeth cleaned and was told I could get my smile corrected in a matter of hours on the night before my flight back to London the next morning. I was surprised that it could all be done so quickly at such a very reasonable cost. I left India smiling and now that I'm back in London I continue to smile with great confidence. I thank Dr Seby for his treatment and would really recommend this clinic to anyone with dental cosmetic concerns. Dr Seby takes great pride in his work also. Thanks Dr Ash (GP in London,UK)


A big time thank you to facets dental clinic
A big time thank you to facets dental clinic and Dr Seby Varghese...loved the ambiance...people there are so friendly and kind was truly a wonderful experience...i also appreciate the beautiful work done by my dentist which actually helped me to increase my level of self confidence..thank you facets for creating a beautiful me and thank you Dr Seby for making me feel comfortable through out..will definitely tell my friends and family members about facets..

Mr Ross Fenwick

His primary motivation isn't profit
The experience that I had with Facets was exceptional from beginning to end. I have had a lot of private dental work done in the UK and found the treatment and overall service to be far superior with Facets. I had two crowns replaced by Dr Seby and was amazed at how much better the new ones looked in comparison to the previous ones. From the moment I met Dr Seby it was clear that his primary motivation isn't profit. He genuinely loves the work he does and cares a great deal about positively promoting Indian dentistry which often has a completely unfounded bad reputation in the UK. I think this was the first dentist who treated me like a person rather than a patient. It can be a laborious task trawling the internet for dentists in India. I felt lost and extremely apprehensive until I stumbled upon whatclinic, and in turn discovered Facets. I can assure you that I would trust Dr Seby unreservedly to perform any dental treatment on me and would use him over UK dentists, not only for financial reasons but for the superior service he provides. I hope from reading this and the other reviews that you will be persuaded to make a decision that you will definitely not regret. Ross Fenwick, East Yorkshire, UK.

Miss Laura

I cannot recommend Dr. Seby enough. I was quite self-conscious of my smile as my teeth were uneven and I had a gap at the side. I couldn't possibly afford a set of veneers in Ireland and I really didn't want to get braces. Instead I visited Dr. Seby and had six veneers placed over my top teeth. I am thrilled with my new teeth, they look perfectly natural and the process was painless. I was initially attracted to Facets Dental Clinic by the price - which is fantastic.

Mr Keith

3 crowns and several fillings; other remedial and incidental work was done too.
I needed some dental work done and had been provided by my local dentist in Australia with an itemised list of what needed to be done and a price to go along with it. The price was incredible and I felt I was treated as just a number by this particular dentist, something I feel in Australia is becoming commonplace. I checked out several dentists in India and decided on Facets because of the favourable comments the clinic had attracted from previous patients. In October 2012 I travelled to Cochin and met Dr Seby; a course of treatment was quickly mapped out. I attended the clinic three times in as many weeks and all the necessary work was done and done very well. I found the clinic to be very professionally run and all Western standards of hygiene were easily met. Dr Seby and his staff provided a high level of service and the price was very good indeed. The surgery itself is extremely pleasant and the attention to detail was of a high order. I'd recommend Facets to anyone contemplating dental work in India and will certainly go there again if circumstances allow.

Mr Ryan Ward

I highly recommend Facets
I highly recommend Facets and cannot speak highly enough of the service and treatment I received. From start to finish I was given excellent, friendly and exceptionally professional treatment and I am so pleased on how everything went. I had emailed many different clinics from around India, Thailand and Europe and based my decision to use Facets on how friendly yet professional and low price compared to others they seemed to be, when I arrived they never let me down and I am so glad I made the right choice. I hope that by writing this review it can save other peoples time and worries of trying to select a clinic abroad as for me it was quite daunting making that final decision. I ended up with brilliant teeth and an unforgettable time in Imdia and now consider Dr Seby and the team my friends which I am so pleased. I had 6 lower and upper veneers and 6 lower crowns which turned out better than I thought possible, it's boosted my confidence, looks great and was so much cheaper than having them done in the UK but with absolutely no quality compromised. I can't stress enough how much I recommend Facets and if you have been thinking to get dental work done but have doubts about the quality and standards and hygiene of going a clinic abroad I can assure you don't need to worry here. If i had the money to do the treatment in the UK id still go to Facets because of how everything was handled, I didn't feel like just another patient but was made to feel incredibly welcomed and Dr Seby spent the time with me he needed to work out exactly what would be best for me personally. I would be happy to speak to anyone if they wish to ask any questions. I hope this helps people decide on Facets as I believe they deserve the highest of praises. Ryan, Bournemouth, England

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