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Smile Brightening

Smile is contagious. A sparkling smile attracts attention. Smile brightening is a procedure which helps to smile whiter & brighter.

What is smile brightening procedure?


Minimum one-hour session includes Dental cleaning, Polishing, Detailing & One shade whitening. Dental cleaning or prophylaxis helps to remove tartar/calculus deposits near the gum& teeth contact area. These deposits can cause inflammation of the gums and bleeding gums if it is not removed at least yearly once. These deposits & stains are more seen behind the lower front teeth.

 After Dental cleaning/Prophylaxis/Scaling, polishing the teeth are done. Polishing Cups along with pumice mix or polishing paste is used. Tooth Polishing helps to remove the stains as well as rough remnants of hard deposits after scaling.

Dental detailing helps to understand the minute details of the teeth. Morphological

Defects are analysed and steps are explained to restore it back to the ideal. Interdental areas are cleaned with special tools to remove stains and hard deposits. Dental flossing is demonstrated as well as performed.

After dental detailing gum isolation is done to protect the gums while bleaching. A light bleaching agent is applied on top of the tooth. Blue light is introduced to activate the agent.

20 to 30 minutes cycles helps to whiten the teeth up to one shade. Oxygen molecules disintegrate the stains and brighten the teeth.

When to do it?

Ideally done along with yearly prophylaxis appointment.

It is considered as a regular smile enhancement. Smile brightening or tooth whitening is recommended before the wedding.

After orthodontic treatment smile brightening can remove stains.

Once you find your teeth are brighter topping up is enough to maintain the brightness.

What is the difference between Smile brightening & Teeth Whitening?

Smile brightening is a 20-minute procedure performed along with oral prophylaxis or dental cleaning/Scaling with a lighter agent to produce at least one shade whitening rather brightening. It is affordable for all class of people. Teeth whitening is a 90mts office procedure with hydrogen peroxide agent. Laser light or Zoom light are used for whitening.

 Get ready with a brighter whiter smile !!


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