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Date :28-Jun-2013 Author :Dr. Seby Varghese

Treatment time

In office: 1-3 treatment as needed, about 30-90 min each

Home: for 1-12 months, depending on stain severity


    Brush thoroughly after meals to remove plaque.
    Avoid smoking and stain – causing foods (eg, coffee and tea)
    Have a professional cleaning 3-4 times per year.


Deep yellow stains can be considerably lightened; brown and gray stains are much more difficult to bleach

Treatment Longevity

Indefinite, although annual touch – ups may be required


  •  Safe
  •  Usually painless to adults
  • No tooth reduction required
  • No anesthetic required
  • Less expensive than many other options


  • Natural tooth color may not be restored
  • Can cause discomfort if large tooth pulp present
  • Only 85% effective in selected cases
  • Extended treatment time may be necessary
  • May not achieve the whiteness you desire

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