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Holistic Dentistry in Kochi

Holistic Dentistry in Kochi

Date :30-Nov-2015 Author :Dr. Seby Varghese

Holistic dentistry
Holistic dentistry (also known as alternative dentistry, biologic dentistry, integrative dentistry, biocompatible dentistry or unconventional dentistry) considers patients Oral health in the scheme of their entire physical, emotional and sometimes even spiritual health.

  • Prevention and reversal of dental diseases with proper nutrition

  • Bite and TMJ treatment

  • Gum diseases can be prevented. It can also be treated without surgery.

  • Metal fillings (amalgam and crowns) which contain potentially irritating and    toxic metals may need to be avoided. Existing metal fillings should be handled with care.

The traditional knowledge of Ayurveda should be integrated with the modern dentistry. For this, the active principles of plants should be incorporated into modern oral health-care practices and dentist should be encouraged to use natural remedies in various oral health treatments. This will make dentistry much safer, affordable and more accessible for the lower socio-economic group in society.

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