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Facts you should know about X-Rays during Root canal treatment

Facts you should know about X-Rays during Root canal treatment

Date :24-Jun-2020 Author :Dr Seby Varghese


 Root Filling Xray

Dental radiographs are often essential for diagnosis and treatment of conditions that can threaten a patient's oral and general health. Many disease processes of the teeth and surrounding tissue may not be apparent in a visual examination by the dentist. Radiographs provide the only means for the dentist to "see" inside and between the teeth. In the absence of radiographs, disease may be undetected until more obvious signs and symptoms develop, at which more time consuming, extensive, and expensive treatment may be required. Undiscovered oral disease may adversely affect a patient's general health or even become life-threatening.

The decision concerning when to take radiographs and how many radiographs to take is made by the dentist after an oral examination, taking into consideration the health needs of the individual patient. New patients may need a full-mouth series of radiographs to determine the condition of the mouth and to establish a basis for analyzing later changes. Thereafter, radiographs may only be needed to evaluate conditions that require detailed investigation such as a toothache, a loose tooth, jaw pain, or the result of previous dental treatment.

Any x-ray exposure may have the potential to damage cells. However, the decision to take radiographs is based upon the expected diagnostic benefit to the patient.

For root canal treatment mostly 4 radiaographs are taken. 

  1. Before procedure
  2. Working lenght determination
  3. Master cone
  4. After Obturation 

Often these number of X-rays may vary-Number of Xrays plays a role in deciding the cost of the rootcanal treatment.There are options to limit the number of xrays to reduce the cost but it might compromise the perfection of the root filling.Follow up X-rays after a month would give an idea about the healing of surrounding structures near the root tip.Many dentists uses digital imaging technology which reduces the quantity of Xray exposure and minimize the effects.Speed films can also help in reducing quanity of the rays.

X-rays play a major role in diagnostics and treatment delivery in  Modern dentistry .

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