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Sunday Dentist

Emergency?? Schedule conflict? Are you looking for a sunday dentist ? Facets can offer you dental care beyond traditional office hours. All of our practices have extended opening hours & weekend appointments. So if you are looking for a Sunday dentist, Just give us a call +91 9020160160 !!! or click for appointment Keep in touch to know about our latest updates  



This patient from Saudi Arabia flew in to see us after seeing his friend's smile design done by Dr.Seby. He was unwilling to show his teeth due to intrinsic stains caused by fluorosis. Within few visits his smile had totally transformed with Zirconia Crown(*). He said it is literally life changing and well worth all the effort of flying in from Saudi Arabia.  

(*)What is a crown? A crown is a tooth-shaped cover placed over a tooth that is badly damaged, decayed or discolored. Many people call it a cap.

  • Click here to know more about Zirconia Crown


Invisalign for teens and adults! Not happy with the appearance of your teeth? We "invisibly" straighten your teeth easily without bands, clips or wires with a proven technology. Dental Aligner has become even more effective as they are so much more comfortable and less traumatizing. During treatment patient can speak and laugh comfortably when eating or cleaning. With the Dental Aligner you will be unaware of its presence.Dental Aligner splint guarantees a good, nearly familiar mouth feeling without screws and wires Comfortable to wear. Get an appointment with us for an all new confident smile.


Missing tooth? Looking for an alternative similar to your original tooth? Teeth Implant is the best option for you, it is an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw in dental implant. Dental Implant is the first option for replacing the missing tooth or teeth. It acts as an anchor for a false tooth or a set of false teeth. Treatment usually take 2-3 phases. A periodontist or an oral surgeon will place the implant.

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Clean Mouth & Smile Challenge

Clean your Mouth & Smile at 7 Facets Dental Clinic branches in Kochi!


Clean Mouth is attitude.

Smile Attracts...

Fresh breath helps you to get closer!!

The Science:

Your General health is affected badly with your poor oral health or dirty mouth.

Clean mouth stops many harmful bacteria from causing diseases such as Pregnancy related issues, Heart problems, Diabetes, Arthritis etc..

Myth:(wrong Information)

Enamel is shaved off while Scaling.?

Senisitivity is an after effect of Scaling.?


Calculas ,Deposits & Bacterias are cleaned up.

It IS a prophylatic (preventive)treatment for gum health.

Sensitivity is caused for those who have more deposits removed and usually the sensitivity will fade away in couple of days.

Special Charges:

Registration+Consultation+Cleaning+ Check Up+ X-ray: Rs 500/-only

Polishing: Rs 200/-only

Detailing: Rs 1200/-only

Smile Brightening (1 shade Whitening): Rs 3500/-only


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