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Laser Gum Care & Aesthetics

laser-gum-careGum Contributes the major role in atractive smile. In short Black coloured gum is one of the major complains in most of the patients especially those with high smile line. On the whole several factors are responsible for gum discolouration. First and foremost is Melanin Pigmentation.

Depigmentation can be done by various techniques:

a) Scalpel

b) Laser

c) Cryosurgery

d) Electosurgery

e) Chemical Methods

Depigmentation by using Lasers (Diode)

Treatment Time

Usually one visits. Some times 2 visits if any remenants of pigments


  • Brush twice daily, without touching the gums.
  • Avoid spicy foods, for 1-2 days


a) Topical aesthetic gel should be applied to the surgical feild.

b) After that, special protective eye glasses should be worn by the patient, doctor & assistant to fulfill with the FDA laser saftely rules

c) Laser tip, then passed over the gums until the desired colour appears.

Treatment Longevity

Remains for 2-3 years and the longevity depends on the complexion of the patients.


a) No need of anesthetic injections.

b) Can returns to normal activity on the day itself.

c) No bleeding, No scar formation, No other post operative complications


a) Expensive compaired with conventional techniques.

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