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My child’s first visit
Take your baby to dentist with the rest of your family.
Dental disease can be spotted and treated early, avoiding the need for teeth to be taken out.
Your child will get used to going to the dentist and not be worried about dental visits.

Babies:6 months to 1 year
Brest milk or infant formula should be the main drink up to 12 months.
Encourage your child to move from drinking from a bottle to a cup.
Do not use the cup as a comforter
Child should drink 6-8 cups of water through the day.
Restrict sweet drinks.
Try sugar-free medicines
Give medicine at meal times and not the last thing at night.

Toddlers:1 to 3 years
(Teething Period)
Give your baby something hard to bite on. Teeth rings are available.
Massage your baby's gum with a clean finger
Teething gel can be helpful.
Get a prescription for sleep disturbance due to teething.

Preschoolers:3 to 5 years
Healthy baby teeth are important for a child`s self-confidence and smile.
Baby teeth are necessary for clear speech.
Baby teeth Enable children to bite& chew properly.

Big Boys & Girls:5 to 8 years
If baby teeth are not looked after properly, it can become infected which leads to abscess formation and pain.
Extraction could be an unpleasant experience for younger children.
Some baby teeth are not shed until the child is 11 or 12 years old.

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