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Dental Bridge

Fixed Bridge

Fixed bridge is the most common choice for replacing one or more missing teeth. Bridges can correct an altered bite, improve your chewing ability and speech and prevent the collapse of your facial features that can cause premature wrinkles and age lines.


2-4 weeks


Clean daily under the bridge with floss threaders


Esthetic tooth replacement

Treatment Longevity

Conventional and contilever: 5-15 years Resin – bonded: 5-10 years


  • Feels more like natural teeth
  • Can be most esthetic
  • Help prevent movement of adjacent and opposing teeth
  • Improves the bite
  • Resin – bonded: Avoids reduction of adjacent teeth


  • If one of the attached teeth fails, the entire bridge fails
  • May be difficult to repair if porcelain chips or fractures
  • Requires an anesthetic


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