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Teeth Whitening


Certainly a person’s teeth become yellowed or discolored for numerous reasons. Additionally eating and drinking foods and beverages such as berries, coffee, and tea can stain teeth and smoking or using tobacco can cause teeth to yellow. These surface stains can usually be removed through teeth whitening procedure. Indeed ninety-seven percent of patients who whiten their teeth have successful results. Moreover the process does not damage the teeth.

Teeth whitening at home: The dentist takes a mold for your teeth and then is supplied with 2 syringes of bleach ointment. For this process, dentist in our clinic who will give you the appropriate advice and care.

ZOOM Teeth Whitening: Most advanced whitening system from America

Dentist will apply whitening ointment in your teeth and put the Zoom light on the teeth for one hour, and then you will find you with a beautiful smile and a dash! Results can vary with person to person.

Laser Whitening

Dentist will apply whitening ointment in your teeth and place the Laser light on the teeth for one hour, and then you will find you with a beautiful smile and a dash! As a matter of fact results can vary with person to person.



In office: 1-3 treatment as needed, about 30-90 min each

Home: for 1-12 months, depending on stain severity


  • Brush thoroughly after meals to remove plaque.
  • Avoid smoking and stain – causing foods (eg, coffee and tea)
  • Have a professional cleaning 3-4 times per year.


Deep yellow stains can be considerably lightened; brown and gray stains are much more difficult to bleach

Treatment Longevity

Indefinite, although annual touch – ups may be required


  • Safe
  • Usually painless to adults
  • No tooth reduction required
  • No anesthetic required
  • Less expensive than many other options


  • Natural tooth color may not be restored
  • Can cause discomfort if large tooth pulp present
  • Only 85% effective in selected cases
  • Extended treatment time may be necessary
  • May not achieve the whiteness you desire

There are three possible whitening combinations available:


Involves 6 to 10 top and bottom front teeth; 12 to 20 total. Total number of teeth whitened depends on the presenting conditions.

Although the teeth are isolated and soft tissues are protected, it is possible some of the whitening solution can contact the tissues. The tissues may temporarily turn white and be sensitive. This will go away in a few hours at most. Some postoperative colour rebound is possible.

At-home tray system tooth whitening alone: Trays cover all top and bottom teeth. One box of whitening solution (possibly two) is usually needed. Trays can be worn while sleeping or during the day. This technique can take several weeks to complete. Trays can be kept and used in the future, with only a syringe of whitening gel to “touch up” teeth before important events. Food and drink will yellow teeth over time.

A combination of in-office and at-home tray whitening. This is the fastest, most effective, and best value. The trays stabilize the color, reduce rebound, and are available for the future.


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