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Clear bite


Clearbite  Aligner is a clear and transparent removable cosmetic appliance designed for teeth movement.

Clearbite  Aligner technology can straighten teeth that are crowded, rotated, tilted forward and backwards using exact impressions taken by the dentist. And custom-made, Clearbite  Aligner is fabricated from the impressions at each and every 12 weeks treatment interval.

This technique has proven to be effective in clinical studies of universities and private practice worldwide. Now, by using a propriety formulation, Clearbite  Aligner has become even more effective as they are so much more comfortable and less traumatizing to the teeth, dental roots and associated surrounding bone to achieve orthodontic movement at its highest level,

Moreover, during treatment, the patient can speak and laugh comfortably because the Clearbite  Aligner splint is made out of clear transparent material. With the Clearbite  Aligner, you will be unaware of its presence.

Clearbite  Aligner splint guarantees a good, nearly familiar mouth feeling without screws and wires. Above all, they are comfortable to wear. Most importantly when eating or cleaning the teeth or whenever you wish to remove the splint, it can be removed easily without difficulty.

Required both upper and lower impressions

  • 5 intraoral (upper& lower occlusal, frontal, right & left buccal in occlusion
  • 3 extraoral (frontal profile, lateral profile and 45 profile with a smile)

Bite Registration
Bite registration is essential to understand patient’s occlusion.

Two recent radiographs of the patient are essential. This helps in the evaluation and understanding of the prescribed treatment plan

  • O.P.G
  • Lateral cephalogram

There are conditions where the doctor finds not to take radiographs due to certain conditions/ limitations of the patient.

Before and After Clear bite video:
A power point presentation/ video is available before the treatment showing the possible changes and steps involved with a final tooth positioning.

In fact you can feel the final position of the teeth even before you consent for the complete treatment. Also before after picture is more convincing for the patient.

Indications for Clear bite Aligners

No need for teeth extraction in the following conditions

  • Spacing
  • Crossbite
  • Retraction cases(Pulling Front)
  • Mild and moderate crowding


  • Protruded Teeth
  • Severe crowding


  • Retain a clear smile with the appliance
  • Can decide the finishing date before starting the treatment
  • Availability of Before and After Video or Presentation
  • No need of Regular monthly check up
  • Clearbite  Aligner splints are nearly invisible, clear transparent
  • Has little effect  on speech
  • Very comfortable to wear, attractive or adults
  • Easy to clean, Less tooth decay possibility, No staining
  • Short treatment time

Cost of Clear Bite Aligners: generally it can vary depends on the complexity of cases. Normally the original Clearbite aligners price ranges between INR 70000 and above.  In conclusion, always prefer the clearbite experts in your area.

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